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February Garden Advice and Maintenance
Whitehaven Garden Centre - February Advice

General Gardening

  • Now’s the time to start some early seeds such as Chillis and Tomatoes. Keep them warm under glass though.
  • Start chitting your seed potatoes, ready for planting later on.
  • Divide bulbs such as snowdrops when they have finished flowering
  • Prune Wisteria back to 2 or 3 buds
  • Cut back deciduous grasses, ready for new growth in Spring
  • Finish manuring vegetable beds, ready for spring planting
  • Continue to plant bare rooted roses, shrubs or trees when the ground is not frozen.
  • Tie in any loose branches of climbing roses and prune shrub roses.
  • Late February you can prune back shrubs grown for their winter stems such as Cornus. Shrubs that flower on new wood should also be pruned such as Buddleja
  • Continue to tidy borders and keep an eye out for weeds starting to poke through. Cut back Hellebore foliage if its hiding the flowers.
  • Plant up spring containers with hardy bedding such as primroses, pansies and violas to provide a splash of colour through out the coming spring season.

In the Greenhouse

  • Do not over water your plants, water only when the compost is dry
  • Plant new Grape vines, or prune established vines
  • Sow Sweet Peas for planting out later
  • Check the glass is not loose after high winds over the winter.
  • If nothing growing in the greenhouse now is a good time to clean it and disinfect it ready for the new season.
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