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June Garden Advice and Maintenance
Whitehaven Garden Centre - June Advice

General Gardening

  • To keep weeds to a minimum, hoe borders regularly
  • Watering is essential. The best time to do this is in the early evening when it is cooler and when less evaporation will occur
  • Spray roses to control pests and diseases
  • Feed tomato plants once a week as soon as fruits have formed
  • Harvest vegetables including lettuce, radish and early potatoes
  • Position summer hanging baskets and containers outside
  • Feed bedding annuals with a liquid feed
  • Feed roses with a good granular fertiliser
  • Stake tall or floppy plants
  • The lawn will require cutting weekly. If you have used chemicals on your lawn do not add the grass cuttings to the compost heap
  • To improve the quality of strawberries lay straw around them and feed with a high potash food and ensure that they are watered well during dry spells
  • Continue to plant container grown plants, herbaceous and roses

In the Greenhouse

  • Shade greenhouses to prevent plants scorching and in hot weather open the vents and dampen the floor to cool and humidify
  • Feed plants at least once a week
  • Continue training and feeding cucumbers and melons
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